winter coat

January 13, 2011

It’s always the same: now that I finished my wintercoat, the worst cold seems to be over.. We’ve had quite a lot of snow, which means that I had to cheat a little tiny bit and smuggle my old snowboard jacket out of the box with clothes I hid in the attick when I started this project. But that’s over now! I’ve got a brandnew winterjacket, of which I’m immensely proud! I ordered the fabric online at Trickle Down fabrics, who sell leftover fabric from some great Dutch fashion designers. I used a dark green, soft wool for the outside and lined it with a thick woolen tricot. The design is asymmetrical, with the belt integrated in the design. I added that belt closure to put some emphasis on the waistline, which makes the whole coat more elegant.
The funny thing with making my own designs, is that they never turn out quite the way I envisioned before I started. It’s a good thing. I always leave space for a bit of coincidence: in this case that’s the buttons. When I went to Paris last summer I bought four beautiful coconut buttons at Moline’s, thinking that I would use them for the green trousers I had in mind. However, I never used them for that project and they stayed in a little box with their fellow fasteners. I thought of them again when I finished this coat, but unfortunately there were only four buttons for the five holes I had made. What to do? Looking through my button collection things fell into place when I found a lonely red leather coated button. The result is what you see in the pictures: who says that all buttons on your coat need to be the same?

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  1. Welnee! Ik heb vorige week een Desigual winterjas gekocht en daar zitten ook verschillende knopen op. Ik zeg: hip! ;-) Erg mooie jas. De kleur staat je mooi.

  2. I love this! :)

  3. i love this! you are genius!!!!!! and the red button is such a cool touch!!!


  4. i love it, too. the asymmetric belt is a great idea!

  5. your coat is fantastic. i find the fact that you are making all your own clothes very inspiring :)

  6. I really like your designs. They make me stop ‘Oh, that is different’ or ‘how did she think of that’. I am really impressed that you do so many designs that are out of the box; it’s inspiring.

  7. Love the red button. Happy accidents!!!

  8. I’m so happy you all like it, these comments keep me inspired!

  9. love it. i really do like the quirky oddball button. gives it added style.

  10. A happy coincidence. Cute! Red + dark olive is my favorite color combo at the moment.

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